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21months's Journal

A collaborative, international writing project

Twenty One Months
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A collaborative, international writing project
We are two women, in a relationship (yes, with each other), and currently separated by a great big giant puddle of water known as the Pacific Ocean due to forces which are known as the United States Navy. So we decided to start a writing project to fill up the 21 Months until hopeles_dreamer gets to finally come back home to Arizona and charletnarouh. The idea is that one of us will start a story by posting the beginning of it and the other will pick up where the first left off and continue the same story. When a plot loses steam or we lose interest in it, we will scrap it and start anew. Chances are that we will run through a few plot lines in the next 21 months, and chances are that not all of them will be good! We are writing primarily for ourselves and if nothing comes of it but utter crap, oh well, at least we had fun. But, if we can entertain a few people, family, friends, etc., then we will consider it a great triumph and dance a happy dance and give out cookies.

Disclaimer: Our first story arc is inspired by a song called "Goddess of Love" by a remarkable artist named Ashley Matte. We sincerely hope she is not offended and that she does not sue us because we have no money. And because we don't want to be sued, of course. At her request, we would, of course, remove all related posts, however that would make us very sad pandas. In any case, we're not making any money off this project and hope that she gives it her blessing.